It starts with crazy, moves onto writing, and find itself working on everything.  That’s what this blog has become.  It is a place for writing about crazy, writing about writing, and sharing experiences of both.

This is a place for anyone who has ever felt crazy, been told they were crazy, been diagnosed with a mental illness, or those who are friends or family members of “crazy” people.  Everyone is crazy sometimes.  Then there are those of us who spend a significant period being crazy, thinking we are, or trying to understand our loved ones who are different.

Here I let the crazy out a bit.  Not just being different, but living with the label of “crazy.”  How do I deal with this?  How does our family deal with this.  How can I live the life I want if everyone else thinks I am crazy?

This blog is also a place to show my writing, my music, my art.  This is where I explore my own inner crazy.  A place to write about writing, and the difficulties which I face when trying to write.  I share my experiences, because it is important to expand and integrate the community of crazy.  I am also here to celebrate my love of writing.

If you have every felt crazy and alone, you aren’t.  The crazies are among us all, more than anyone really knows.  Read it, love it, follow it, and find out which side of the crazy fence you really live on.  Or at the very least laugh a bit and gain some insight into a world people don’t talk about enough. 

Please take some time to comment about the posts you find yourself reading.  If it is even to say that you don’t agree, I am happy to hear your feedback  Also let me know if there are any topics you would like to see me cover.

As I move forward in the transitions of this blog I will try to keep this page up to date.



I have decided to add a donate button here, on my about page.  I made this decision because I would like to continue this blog, and finances are tight right now.  So if you have a dollar to spare, and you like my blog, feel free to help out your fellow crazy writer.  If you can’t just keep coming back and reading.  Embrace the Crazy

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