Seriously Frustrating

Today I decided it was time to go back and work on my novel.  I had put it aside for several years, unintentionally, and recently felt the need to finish the thing.  I thought I had the whole thing backed up on my laptop.  Upon opening the file I discovered that not only is it only part of the story about 30,000 words are missing as well as 3 and 1/2 chapters.  This is enough to make any writer feel like smashing their expensive writing technology, instead I decided that if I couldn’t work on the novel I would instead write about the fact that I can’t work on my novel.

The biggest problem with such a huge chuck of my story being missing, isn’t even that the words are gone, but now I have to try to remember what I wrote.  This is made more difficult by the fact that I wrote these pages over a year ago.  I wouldn’t care so much if I hadn’t been so close to finishing the whole thing, but I was very close to the end and now it is like having to start from scratch.  Which might not be the worst thing to have to do, but it makes for a very frustrating end to a day, which had started out with so much promise.

Now I will just have to hope that my good friend has it saved somewhere on her computer, or flash drives.  Otherwise, who knows what will happen to my characters.  I don’t want to just leave them stranded in the ether with no way to complete their story.  Grrr, this is when I wish I had used a typewriter, or just plan old pen and paper.

Okay, I am officially done with my crazy rant of the day.


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