Mental Health Awareness Month

So, this is May, which means it is Mental Health Awareness Month. So my message today to all of my readers, is be aware. Well, not just be aware, if you are one of my readers you are aware. Be willing to listen, be willing to understand that you don’t understand. Be accepting of the fact that sometimes all you can do to help someone is just to exist in their vicinity and not judge them. Just be there.

I would suggest any reader who doesn’t personally have some sort of mental health problem to explore their own minds. I mean by this to think about the times when you have been sad, and pretend for a moment that you had to live like that every day, this will help you gain insight. Remember when you were nervous about something and pretend that you are nervous about everything, but you don’t know why. This too will bring you closer to understanding. Remember a time you were angry and you almost lost control, now imagine that you had no control, and that scares you all the time. Understanding can be found in these moments of reflection. They will not make you understand exactly what it is like to live in the shoes of someone who suffers from mental health problems, but it will bring you to a place which will make it easier for you to be supportive of those people in your life who suffer from crazy brains.

I plan to post more this month, if I can. However, I encourage you all to make friends with someone crazy. And if a friendship has been broken because of the crazy, I encourage you to make steps towards mending it.

Embrace the crazy! Love those who have already done so. And try to forgive those who do things which you do not understand.


Halting Hallucinations

So after a two hour avoidance in writing tonight’s post I came across some interesting forums on the web which I think can be very relatable here. I was initially going to write about irrational fears, which led me to a site where there were a bunch of “irrational” fears, yet most of them were not. This site lead to a conversation about bathrooms and the fear of a Shadow Man outside being able to watch us as we took showers as teenagers.
After a few searches on google I found that this was a common experience, well not the bathroom shower part, but people seeing the shadow man, commonly referred to as the “Hat Man” or the “Tall Man.” Although this is not the only experience people have with shadow people, it tends to be a fairly common occurrence.

The reason I wanted to post about this topic is because I honestly wonder how many of us who are labeled as “crazy” have had these experiences. I am also curious about whether those who have had them at younger ages told their parents.

I am almost positive that if I were to tell my psychiatrist that I sometimes see or feel ghosts/entities that he would change my diagnosis, however, I know that I am not schizophrenic. I feel that there is too much evidence of these paranormal types of events that for those of us who experience them to all be insane. This is not to say that these experiences are real or not, but they certainly feel very real, and I would never tell someone that they could not see or hear a ghost. Too much weird crap has happened in my life to brush aside the existence of things which do not fit into the neat little box which society has set up for us as normal and acceptable.

Alright so now to the weird stuff aspect of this post. Throughout my life I have had experiences with shadow people. Beyond shadow people however, both myself and my friend who inspired this post have had experiences with shadow animals as well. Now people can easily push these experiences off as odd hallucinations, however if that is the case then why is it that in all of my experiences with the shadow animals, I was not the only witness? Every shadow animal encounter I have had has been with other people. Each time we looked to each other for conformation that we had in fact just seen what we thought we had. My friend has had the same experience as well, we have only seen the shadow animals while in the company of others.

While many of the forums which discuss the shadow people talk about what they are or might be, I did not come across one which mentioned shadow animals. All types of shadow people, with all kinds of theories about them, but no animals. My friend has only seen shadow dogs. However, I have also seen shadow birds.

Now if you weren’t convinced that I might be crazy before you read this post, you may well be now. However, I think that this is an interesting topic to explore. Are these odd apparitions, just hallucinations, or are they real? Many people experience these things in their homes, or just outside their homes. While my friend and I have experienced them all over the place. I think the only place that I have not had any type of shadow entity experience is on a cruise ship, but that might change this summer.

So I figure that whether you believe in these things or not that this would be a good time to give some advice to anyone who might stumble across these entities.
1. Try to avoid actually stumbling into them.
2. If they seem creepy or scary, ignore them and leave the area if at all possible. (Don’t run up and tickle them)
3. If they do not seem to be trying to communicate with you, Do Not try to communicate with them.
4. Try to avoid eye contact if you can see their eyes. (Nobody likes to be stared at, especially shadow people. Also, seriously staring is rude.)
5. If they show in your house and you don’t want to see them, turn on the lights. It usually helps. If they are still there in full light, you might want to consider professional help.
6. If you see shadow people, avoid anything meant to make you hallucinate. Seriously if you are already seeing things adding drugs to make you see things is a bad idea.
7. Avoid assistance from anyone who giggles slightly maniacally when you tell them about the shadow people. You cannot be sure they are on your side.
8. If it continues to be a problem, start carrying a flashlight.
9. If you encounter one of the choking shadow people, first try to sit up and move away from the entity. Next I would suggest checking out new real-estate.
10. If a sulfuric smell exudes from any of the above mentioned entities, seek religious help, or move. Just because you don’t believe in them, doesn’t mean they don’t believe in you.

Have fun, and embrace the crazy. Also I would love to hear about other peoples experiences in this area.