Dwindling focus

I have been back on my game with writing this week. I am focused, well sorta focused. I figured out a way to get myself writing even when I don’t have any idea what to write and that’s a good start.

I have managed to get several essays started and I finished two, and the week isn’t over yet. This is a good thing I know. I am having trouble really focusing though. After days of inspiration life is creeping back in and reminding me that I have other things which deserve my attention.

Well, I don’t know if these other things deserve my attention, but the keep getting it. I can’t decide if the job offer I got for a commission only sales job is worth the money I won’t make at it. Plenty of people do well with commission sales, but I don’t have the personality for it. I generally feel the same way as the customer, the product is stupid and a waste of money. I hate those people when they stop me at the gas station, can I really be one?

I know my OCD plays a part in my fretful thoughts about this job, but I still can’t bring myself to think of it as a real job. For one thing, if they make that much money selling car cleaner, then why can’t the manager buy a decent pair of shoes? They don’t have to be expensive, I just think they shouldn’t look so beat up they might fall of his feet when he walks.

So I’m hoping for other jobs to call me back, there is one I should hear from soon and I am trying to decide if it’s worth holding out for. I am told they are just waiting for my background check to come through.

So while I wait and fret I put on movies that I don’t watch and write instead. There are some good things coming out of my brain and actually landing on the page where they are supposed to be. I am trying to post here more as well. Although this is made difficult by have to post from my phone because my internet is out right now. For some reason they don’t let you keep your service if you don’t pay them.

So please excuse my typos and grammatical errors at the moment, my phone has a mind of her own. I will go back and fix things when I get to a place with interwebs.

Embrace the crazy and have a crazy weekend!


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