Strange Mood

I have been feeling weird all day, not sick or anxious, just off. I’m not sure why but it has caused some odd introspective ramblings in my writing. This evening my writing has been unfocused, yet interesting. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s any good. In fact it’s the type of thing I tend to hide until I can pull out lines to create songs, so at least there is a silver lining to my odd feelings today.

I am trying to stay positive as my job search continues. That is another odd thing, I have always been a fairly pessimistic person and now I’m practice the power of positive thought. So far it has just caused me to not want to listen to anyone being negative. So while the rest of the country watch the ruling in ferguson, I took a nap, then I avoided Facebook and Twitter. I don’t need the constant reminder things need to be changed. I remember that all the time. This might just be because I have lived with being judged based off my disorders. Or maybe it’s because I studied sociology, either one it likely.

Well in light of today’s events I don’t know if embrace the crazy is the right thing to say. Instead I will say to stand up for what you believe in, if that’s civil rights, civil justice, or mental health awareness.

Just to update, I don’t agree with the rioting, there are better more productive ways to show displeasure. Chill out America, use your brains, implies aggression doesn’t help anyone!


One thought on “Strange Mood”

  1. Those of us who fight depression need to keep our faces turned towards the light. Those who fight against injustice sometimes think we don’t care, but they don’t understand. We care too much and sometimes we just have to protect our own sanity. I believe in putting my attention into things I want more of. Attention makes things grow; I am not giving my attention to violence.

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