Decided to Have Long Exposure Fun

So I decided to re log this because not only are the photos of me, but it shows a bit of what I’ve been doing while not writing these days. Enjoy!


The least used item in my kit is my ND filter. The CPL took the place of my UV “filter” as the protective layer between the world, and my lens, but I spent the money on the ND. So why not find something to do with it. I stumbled across a video from the guys at DigitalRev, where they took long exposure portraits on a busy street, and I decided that would be a perfect afternoon project. Sadly I live in Jacksonville Florida, and busy streets here are nothing compared to what they were working with in Hong Kong, but we have a few fountains downtown. I went out, threw Katie in a sack, and told her that I would bring her home safe if she didn’t ruin my shots.

The exercise is pretty simple. Just requires a flash, tripod, and camera. The ND was useful since we did…

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New year New game

So soon I will be posting regularly again, but my end of the year job seems to have been to inspire new blogs. I have helped several people who wanted to share their art or life through this medium create blogs in the past month.

I plan on my own writing to be again gracing the screens soon. The last year was a mess and I got here on occasion, this year I plan on more focus. However, we all know my focus tends to lapse. So, I will try to write more, but all I can promise is to be here trying.

I love my readers and I hope to give you more in the upcoming year. 2015 should be better, no, it will be better!