Wow, 45 minutes of Datng Hell

So tonight I went on a date with a guy I met online. After a week of being sick he wanted to take me somewhere for relaxed conversation, but I had no intention of an evening coffee date. We decided on going bowling, which had been the plan we had made on the date I had to back out of. So I picked a bowling alley on my side of the city and we met at 9:30. What I thought to be a decent time for a bowling date.

We met and got our lane and he decided right away that two games was enough. Now if you have gone bowling before, two games with only two people, goes very quickly. In fact the entire date lasted about 30 minutes.

We got our shoes on, and he immediately set himself up to go first. Now I don’t care who goes first, but isn’t the saying ladies first. Shouldn’t you try to make an effort to not look like a chauvinist on a first date? Maybe I’m living in the past, so I went with it. Honestly I don’t care who goes first, but later on I realized that this small thing was a huge sign of this person’s personality.

We started our game, and he was surprised that I used the same size ball he did. Alright, I can give him that, I guess. I am tiny, like not even fully five feet tall, but I’m not weak. I have a kid that I pick up, and he weighs more than 12 lbs, so I think I can handle an 11 lb ball. I have been using one that is 11 lbs since I was in highschool, no big deal. So then he was impatient and had to have two balls, we can’t possibly wait for our first ball to come back, that would take up too much precious time. He actually asked if I wanted him to get me a second ball, which is how he discovered the size ball I was using.

So during the first game he would roll a strike and then walk up to the lane and drop the ball and not try. That annoys me, I can tell if you know how to bowl, or play pool, so don’t play down because I’m a girl. If you give me a good reason to beat you, I will, but if you don’t try, I’m not going to either. That way, we both prove nothing.

During this game he talked about how much he loves being single. Now I might be wrong here, but why ask someone out on a date, if you love being single? I was confused from there on out. He moved the conversation to sports, which the only one we both like is soccer. Then he should me pictures of his friend’s melon hooka, which he thought was hilarious. I just thought it was kinda neat.

Every time he said anything to me, he would lean in really close and breathe heavily on me and his breathe was unpleasant at best. I just kept thinking, that at least I will have something to write about tonight. And the night went on.

During the second game, he won the first, he stopped trying completely. Well until the last frame. Then he decided to try to beat me. We had started a conversation about pool at this time. I am a pool player, and have been for many years, though I have taken the last year off. He told me most girls can’t play pool. And not only that but that they couldn’t play because they had trouble with the stick! That was the end of it all.

So when I beat him in the second game, I very quickly put back on my boots, and returns my bowling shoes to the counter. I said good-bye and left. Now I am posting this because y brain needs to let it go into the universe.


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