Alright, to start I am still alive. I survived my month of sick leave from my old job, yes I did say old job, and went back to work. Then in August I got a great opportunity and now I have become an English teacher. 

So much has happened in the past few months, I don’t even know where to start. I say this with every disappearance I have from my blog that I am trying to post more and will more frequently, and I am going to try. However, as much as I want to write and let my readers know what’s going on, with my new job teaching and new dedication to my spiritual self I don’t always have the right mindset to write a post. 

I will say however, that I haven’t just been neglecting my blog, but my writing all together. This is something I truly intend to change. As I get more comfortable in my new job, I will begin to post more frequently. I know those of you out there who read my posts will like them happening more, or even at all as the case has been these last few months.

So, I am embracing my crazy in all new ways these days and I look forward to sharing my new journey, my old stories, and any random bits of insanity that come my way.