Dear Early Morning Jerk

Dear Early Morning Jerk,

I do not know exactly what the four teenage boys who were walking to school did to make you think that they were breaking into your truck.   The best guess I have as to their actions is that they were admiring your vehicle, as you are new to the neighborhood. However, assuming that they are breaking into your truck, only shows that you picked the wrong neighborhood to move into. Furthermore, if you again chase a child into my yard at 7:30 in the morning, I will call the police on you, not them.

If you did not know this, there is a high school two blocks away from both of our houses, and just so you know it is a predominately black school. So screaming and chasing kids as they are trying to go to school, because they looked at your car makes you they bad guy. Again, I did not see them at your car, but since it was clear of marks and nothing was stolen, I continue to hold you at fault for this altercation.

You sir chased a teenage boy into my yard and threatened him bodily harm while he did not yell back and in fact said nothing at all to you. You probably took his silence as guilt, well watch the news. If you were a young black man walking to school and a crazed white dude came running out of his house screaming at you, I am positive you would run away too. I teach predominately black students and I will say this, they will defend themselves if they think they stand a chance, and this kid was terrified. So were his three friends who you did not chase.

I am only thankful that I am not as willfully ignorant as you are. I also promise to watch out for these kids as they walk to school during the week, because you sir, should not be in this neighborhood if you are going to harass children for walking to school at the time which children walk to school. Also, I hope that you do not ever have children, because they will be in this school district and you will be raising them with hate towards their peers and that is not okay.

So, in the future do not scream at anyone who is not committing an actual crime regardless of color. Also, do more research before you buy or rent a house. And just in case, if I find you in my yard again, I will be reporting you to the authorities. You have a problem, not the kids trying to walk to school. These days, those kids are rightfully scared of you, and you need to chill the f@#$ out!


Your extremely pissed off neighbor.


Embrace the crazy, not the hate!


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