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For Once they were lost, but Now they are found

Alright, so last week I had the unfortunate experience of discovering the loss of 30,000 words which had been part of an ongoing attempt to finish my first novel.  After searching in my house, and giving up on the return of my word children, I was given a pleasant surprise last night right before bed.

There right next to my closet, under a pile of jackets and sweaters, I found something.  It wasn’t something I thought was special, just an old computer bag which I can only remember using once in the past year. However, that cheap blue bag contained my netbook.

There on the hard drive, where I had left them last were my words.  They didn’t run away from me, and were thankfully not eaten by some pocket universe which our overuse of technology is probably creating. I had misplaced them all by myself.

However, with their triumphant return, I am throwing a feast with words and joy, and possibly a beer or two.  Then when the party is over and the words have had their time to rest, I will put them to work tomorrow.  Hopefully they are still up for the challenge which I have set for them.