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Money troubles continue

I have been struggling with money problems for about a year and a half now. I was barely making ends meet for a little while, with help from friends and family. Now though I am not sure how I’m gonna come up with the funds I need for my bills.

It’s tough out there for those of us on the job hunt, and it seems that more often than not I am not getting job offers in areas where I can work. I am plagued with commission sales, one area where I know I do not do well.

My next problem is that I currently don’t have the money I need to pay for my phone and electric bill. Also I really need to find a way to have my internet turned back on. The internet is unfortunately a necessity and without it I won’t be able to find a decent job.

There are only so many hours I can spend at the library or my friends houses. I had been offered a couple work from home writing and editing jobs, but I can’t take them because of my lack of internet.

If anyone has any idea how I could make some decent money, quickly I would really appreciate it. In my struggles to live with anxiety and OCD jobs are difficult to come by and solutions tend to hide from me.

Hopefully things will get better soon. I am working on a collection of essays which I am thinking of self publishing, but this is another area which requires some money and internet connection.

Pray to the gods of the crazy people, the artistic people, and the solitary writers. Embrace the crazy, and let me know if you have any ideas which could help me. Thanks, I love you all.


Just because it Seems hard to Believe doesn’t make it a Lie

I am one of those people who has alway had a hard time getting a job. While my friends in high school worked after school, I mostly focused on music lessons, rehearsals, and homework. I was fine with this because the one job I had in that time was really gross.

Once I started college I managed to get a job at a bookstore. This would have been ideal except our GM made a practice of clocking us out and locking us in the store during inventory. Needless to say I quit. I knew this was legal for my manager to do this, but I also didn’t know that I could do anything about it.

I moved on from there to working under the table as a bartender and then waitressing for the next six years. During this time I played music and sometimes got paid for doing that. For a little while I even fought private music lessons.

I moved a couple times and ended up back in Jacksonville. Then I decided to finish my BA. Unfortunately sociology isn’t as marketable of a degree as I would have hoped. So since graduation I have been taking whatever jobs come my way. Most are some version of commission sales.

I also started writing more. However, the more money and health problems I had, the less I would write. Now I seem to have moved past my major health issues: anxiety is low and my stomach problems are under control so long as I avoid beef products. Because of these health problems though I can no longer work in the job fields I had previously worked.

Now it feels as if the only jobs I am interviewed for or offered are in commission only sales. Unfortunately I am terrible at these jobs. I get nervous and I don’t believe in convincing someone to buy a product they clearly don’t want.

I wrote this because lately I have been accused of being an addict and have been told that this is why my life isn’t going how I wanted. While this is a good theory I suppose, the truth isn’t nearly as interesting. I have allergies, made bad choices in jobs, and I’m crazy. No addiction issues, unless you count shoes or cigarettes, and I don’t know how that made my life tough.

Hopefully things will change soon. I’m not asking for much, just a steady regular paycheck so I always know how much money to expect. I just don’t know how to switch job fields and that is creating the bulk of my job problem.

If you have any advice or ideas, please feel free to share.
I want to embrace the crazy, but today I’m too confused.

The hunt continues

I have a follow up interview in the morning! And as great as this is I am having a hard time getting exciting for it. I am still not sure what the job is and this makes me nervous.

In the past year and a half I keep finding jobs that are commission only sales. This job is under the guise of marketing and promotions. Now the guy said it had a salary plus commission and bonus, if this is true it is worth a shot. However, I had a job that told me the same thing several years ago, and well it was commission only sales.

I do not like these types of jobs. I do not enjoy most aspects of them. The worst part is, of course, the complete lack of consistent pay. I can’t get my life situated if I never know if I will make enough money to buy a taco after working 12 hour days 6 days a week.

Hopefully it will be what I need right now and I can really turn my home time focus back to my writing. It’s hard enough just to be crazy. It is much harder to be jobless, broke, and crazy.

In other news I have been writing a lot if essays this week. Good blog topic ideas as well. So hopefully good things will be coming from me and towards me.

Embrace the crazy, we need love too!