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Write about a flirtation, a holiday, an angel, and a bucket. Focus on creating a compelling setting.
She walked down the old cobbled sidewalk, on the main street in her small town. It wasn’t in fact the actual main street of the town, although once many years in the past it would have been. As she walked she peered into the Christmas Shop which stayed open year round. Christy enjoyed Christmas as much as the next girl, but she never could understand why the northern tourist thought it was a great idea to buy some kitschy little surfboard ornament for their tree back home while on vacation in the middle of the summer. With the weather at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the crowds for the July fourth festivities gathering, Christmas was far from Christy’s mind.
Christy was reaching the point on the main road where the important people of the town sat to watch the parade. Small town parades had always felt more real to Christy then the ones she saw on TV. The overzealous displays seen during the Thanksgiving parade on television always mad her scramble to change the channel, until the dog show came on. She would much rather focus on her cooking than that parade. Small towns, she figured, had it right. They had just the right amount of excitement and pride to be walking down the center of their own little piece of the world and that was something Christy could appreciate.
Lost in thought Christy bumped into someone in front of her. “Sorry,” she said as the woman turn to see who had accidently assaulted her. Christy first noticed that the woman was much older than she was, and secondly that she had dropped her shopping bag. “I didn’t mean to make you drop your bag, ma’am. I really do apologize.”
“As long as nothing was broken I think it will be alright,” the woman replied. She let Christy bend over and pick up the bag, and then she began to examine whether her purchases were indeed intact. In the process she pulled out a small blue winged angel, one Christy assumed she has just purchased at the Christmas Shop. Upon examination of the angel, Christy noticed that it had no halo.
“Ma’am, it seems that the halo has broken off of your angel. I would be happy to run down to the Christmas Shop and purchase another one for you.” Christy tried hard to look apologetic, and wasn’t sure she was pulling it off while the older woman examined the tiny broken angel.
“Fine then, but try to hurry. The parade is about to start and I don’t need you breaking anything else in all the confusion.”
“I will be right back,” Christy replied and she quickly took off toward the small holiday store. Luckily it was only one block down and Christy reached its doors before they locked for the parade to begin. The man inside winked at her as she entered.
Inside the store was icy cold and the man behind the counter seemed uninterested in Christy after she had entered. He turned and went back to his work as she began her search for that stupid little blue angel. She looked all around the store and on every tree. She saw angels as tree toppers, and angels with pink wings and green halos, purple wings and golden halos, she even saw one with a leopard-print sash and red horns holding up its golden halo. However, nowhere could she find that little blue angel one anything like it. Finally she asked for help.
“Please, sir, I’m looking for a little angel, with blue wings. Do you have one or can you point me in the right direction.”
“In the back,” he pointed to the back left of the store, “good lucky though.” Then he winked at her again, like they were in a strange bubble of the world where it were always time to have a romantic Christmas infused meeting.
Christy took a deep breath and headed to the back to the store, she didn’t see any blue angels. “Where at?” she shouted to the man at the front.
“Call me Chris,” he said, “and they’re in the bucket under the aluminum tree.”
“Thanks, Chris,” she hollered back and then thought to tell him her name. “I’m Christy, it’s nice to meet you.” She found the bucket under the tree. Truth be told is was more of a smallish wash basin than anything else and in it were several tiny blue winged angels. She picked up the first one, no halo. She started to go through more and still, no halo. After several minutes, and a growing pile of blue winged angels who utterly lacked halos, Christy gave up. “Hey Chris”, she called, “do any of these angels have halos?”
“No,” he replied, “why do you ask?”
“No reason, I was just sent of a wild goose chase.” Christy walked to the front of the store. “The parade is about to start, do you wanna go watch it with me?” Christy said, then blushed.
“No reason to blush, I would love to watch the parade, let’s go.” The Chris grabbed her hand and they walked back out into the southern heat and watched as the town hero’s rode by in their convertibles. Christie smiled, and looked up at Chris. He looked down and returned her smile with a twinkle and the hint of a wink in his eye.
She turned her attention back to the parade, thinking: Maybe Christmas miracles can happen in July.

So…I am pretty sure that this is the cheesiest story I have ever and I really mean ever written. However, given the prompt it just happened. I feel like I tapped into a 13 year old Nora Roberts with this one.